StraTEgic Plan

10 Year Strategic Plan

The Gulf Region Aboriginal Corporation (GRAC) have prepared and delivered two key strategy documents to further enhance the Corporation’s strategic capability and resourcing.

2022 – 2032 summary

The 10-year Strategic Plan establishes the agreed Purpose, Aspirations, Strategies and Actions of the GRAC for the period of 2022-2032. The Plan provides strategic guidance, direction and planning for the future of the Corporation, and builds on their current progress through established businesses and subsidiaries. The 10-year Strategic Plan will refine GRAC’s direction and allow the review and measurement of performance against specific long-term targets.

The 5-year Economic Development Plan establishes the underlying principles for the economic development of the GRAC for the period of 2022-2027. This plan identifies economic opportunities that will also support the social and economic development of the local community.

To inform the drafting of these Plans, significant engagement was undertaken with GRAC Directors and other key stakeholders, to ensure the plans reflected the aspirations, opportunities and priorities of the Lardil, Yangkaal, Gangalidda and Kaiadilt People and wider community.

This summary document has been prepared to communicate the major aspirations, strategies and initiatives identified and supported by GRAC Directors to the broader community, key stakeholders and partners. This is a summary of both the Strategic Plan 2022-2032 and Economic Development Plan 2022-2027.

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- Henry Jonson